Enjoy your time in the sun…….


gatepost to an empty field

The country is beautiful in the autumn sun. Leaves are gold, russet, copper and custard. A chill fog has begun to settle on the fields as evening falls. The muddy paths are rutted. The first hard frost will soon threaten. But for now there is a last gasp of summer. Office workers sweat in winter coats. Car windows are wound down and men work in shirtsleeves. Ice creams are sold.

But first thing and, then at night, the changing seasons can’t be cheated. The sun falls, casting a warm copper tone along the horizon. The sky turns from deep blue to aqua, then pitch black. Rusting batteries are replaced in bike lights. High-vis jackets are tugged from under the stairs. The night air reeks of smoky bonfires. The moon appears, crescent-shaped, bearing its craters, milk-white.  Enjoy your time in the sun………


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2 Responses to Enjoy your time in the sun…….

  1. mart Gillett says:


    That’s actually very very good, I enjoyed it.
    Bring it on big boy!


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