Nicknames can’t be chosen

police helmet

PC 'Judith' Chalmers headgear

Embarrassing nicknames are hell. They stick. And if they’re funny or prompt a reaction they may as well have been cast in iron. Perhaps the only comfort is the doubtful claim that notoriety is better than being ignored. I’ve worked with some of the obvious ones: Smudger for Smith, Jonesy for Jones…….I briefly worked with DC ‘Burt’ Reynolds of Wolverhampton CID (I don’t think anyone even bothered to find out his real first name). Another former colleague was PC Paul ‘Fairy’ Fairhurst. One frosty night I was struggling to deal with a domestic incident at a block of flats in Wolverhampton. The air was thick with a fug of booze and chip fat. The woman swung at her old man with a saucepan. I called for assistance, grabbing the radio.

‘Can you get Fairy here fast?’ I said.   

The bloke and his missus suddenly became compliant. I don’t know if ‘Fairy’ met their expectations when he arrived. Visions of Z in Pulp Fiction perhaps? Nicknames can be mundane but often reflect popular culture. The following story is about a PC whose life is routinely blighted by his sunny nickname…… here to read.


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