Sand, lies and videotape – Anglesey Sea Zoo

Anglesey Sea Zoo

The views from Anglesey Sea Zoo are amazing. Inside you can see lobsters and skate and starfish and the little ones loved it, but out front you can see the Menai Straits. A Welsh flag flaps taut in the stiff wind and a watery golden sun shimmers on the Straits. The battlements of Caernarfon Castle are caught in a ray of sun. The mountains of Snowdonia blend away into the haze, leaving a faint trace like pencil and wash on cartridge paper.

Sadly I didn’t see any sharks inside, but there was an article – a few year’s old by now – which told a story about the BBC cheating. It seems that after several wet and windy months in Newfoundland the crew of BBC’s Blue Planet could not find any lobsters with acting ambitions. Instead the crew hotfooted it back to Anglesey and filmed all the action in the aquarium.

The aquarium seemed popular with the kids, if a little brief and pricey for a family ticket. Star of the show was a monstrous Conger eel with a fed-up demeanour, two dancing crabs and a fish (see left) with an eye for the paparazzi.


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