Farmers falling off a hillside – Kyffin Williams

Oriel Ynys Mon
There’s some wonderful work

Llangefni always had a good market, but it wasn’t a place we’d venture to as holidaymakers on Anglesey. But Oriel Ynys Mon is well worth visiting and quite a surprise. From the outside it seems a little institutional, like an edge-of-town care centre or surgery perhaps, but first impressions are wrong. First, and last, to catch the departing dollar, is a great little cafe and a well-stocked gift shop. The cafe caters for the well-heeled middle classes with kettle chips and rocket and Italian breads, and sumptuous cakes for afters.

Work runs along two central corridors which meet to form a T. There are vibrant oils and acrylics of the Welsh coast and landscape. Anglesey’s landscape is never the same for long, with tidal marshes, rocky coves, pebble beaches, vast sucking sands and wild gorse. There are chapels and fields and bracken and dry-stone walls and lonely chapels spotted with lichen.
It is no surprise Kyffin Williams returned from his work as a schoolmaster in London whenever he could. The light on the island is fantastic and the weather and features limitless. His work takes centre-stage here and justifiably. He liked to strip down the Wales he loved to a handful of expert lines in pencil and a dab or two of wash. Somehow he caught it perfectly. One of Williams’ works shows a farmer with stick bracing himself as he strides down the side of a mountain. The angle is sharp and he could be falling from the hillside. Click here to learn more.


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