St Ffraid – bones in the dunes

St Ffraid was here....Trearrdur Bay

My nan would talk about digging in the dunes as a child and finding bones. Someone would shout at them and they’d run. It turns out they were Saxon bones in the dunes at Treardurr Bay, Anglesey. Maybe the Welsh weren’t too worried about Saxons being disinterred. Thirteen hundred years later and Saxons are still greeted with caution. This stretch of Holy Island is the thinnest point. At high tides when the wind has whipped in the Irish Sea, the crashing waters have cut the island in half. There was a chapel here, dug from the dunes. There are prehistoric trees that appear at low tide. A few years back the council strengthened the dunes and erected a cross in memory of the early Irish missionary St Ffraid who came ashore here. To read about the cross in detail click here


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