Any room at the Inn in Seighford?

Jesus and Mary

Any room at the Inn?

Any room at the Inn? It seems unlikely as the Holly Bush pub in Seighford (near Stafford) has now become a curry house! Perhaps Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar will bring Carling and Red Stripe to accompany their korma and nan.

 We parked up this morning outside St Chad’s church and crunched and cracked our way across ice and frosted slush down to the ford. As we passed the farm nearest St Chad’s we were greeted by this sight outside. Both Jesus and Mary seem surprised by something. Perhaps they are concerned at the impact of the coalition Government’s cuts.

It’s a warming, peaceful scene at this time of year and a welcome addition. We made our way up the lane, sipping hot tea, and staring out over the fields as mist rose over the distant M6. Spikes of grass poked through the thick, white blanket of snow. Trains rattled and squealed in the Sow valley.

Puddles at gateposts were glazed inches thick. Scarlet berries in the snowy hedgerows appeared like cherries on bakewell tart.


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