Robsessive Compulsive

The Robster

Armed with only a slide-rule Robsessive takes on disorder

A few years back I worked on a Viz type cartoon script called Robsessive Compulsive. A man whose life is dominated by obsessive compulsive disorder. Here is Rob….

Poor Rob is stuck at home and has to fight to brave a world full of dangers, uncertainty and viruses lurking on door handles. Viz turned it down and sent me a slip that said With Condiments on it alongside a salt and pepper pot.

Robsessive Compulsive is an interesting guy. His interest can be listed as the following:

  • Slide rules
  • Boolean Algebra
  • Pilot shirts
  • Tie clips
  • Alcohol handrub
  • Organising tins so the labels face the front
  • Achieving symmetry

About richlakin

I write about things that interest me
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