Shimmering Mersey

Pier Head is a wonderful place to stand and think.  How many journeys began and ended here? People emigrated across the world to escape hunger or notoriety or to build a new life. People returned to sweethearts and homes after long and arduous voyages. They would have cried, or embraced, or made for the nearest pub when they landed here.

Liverpool is a city built on an international scale. The cityscape, seen from the water, is exciting and thrilling.

At the nearby Albert Dock, in the Merseyside Maritime Museum you can learn about the tragedies of the famous Titanic and less famous Empress of Ireland. Thousands of Liverpool men lost their lives at sea and their sad tales and sacrifice are dutifully recorded among the exhibits.

The photo shows reflected sunlight from the Mersey in the windows of the Beatles’ Story, Pier Head. From the west Liverpool looks out on the world. In the days of the British Empire Liverpool was the biggest port in the world. Perhaps that drives the air of confidence and certainty you find in the city’s people. I had three great years in Liverpool and it’s always a pleasure to go back.


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