My short story Watching published in ‘Out of Season’ anthology

Out of Season anthology

Had some great news this morning when Fylde Brighter Writers’ anthology of short stories and poetry landed on my doormat. The group was kind enough to select my short story Watching to receive third prize in their annual award.

The anthology looks great with some wonderful pieces from Douglas Bruton, Paul Curd and Edyth Ward. The photography on the front cover is brilliant too. Watching is a story about a man who observes, and reports acidly, on the breakdown of community on a modern estate. His criticism draws him in deeper and deeper until he becomes the source of anger and frustration to his neighbours, rather than the other way around. I had great fun writing it and the descriptions and views do not reflect in any way on my neighbours who are all great people!

I am definitely not Hatch! Click here to view the book and Fylde Brighter Writers’ site. Once again thanks to Steve Brodie and his fellow members for their time, hard work and support.


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