From Hell to Eternity

From Hell

I had some good news today (Saturday) when I learned that one of my short stories Son of Jack has been published in a collection by the Whitechapel Society. The title, From Hell to Eternity, reveals the society’s close connection and continuing research into the Jack the Ripper murders. We will probably never know the truth, but that has not stopped scores of writers, filmmakers and artists exploring the case. Particular favourites are From Hell – the Johnny Depp film of the Alan Moore novel and James Mason’s wanderings through a dishevelled Spitalfields in The London Nobody Knows.

My story is a crime perpetrated in 1988 – a century after the original horrors. I’m delighted it’s been published and thank Brian Porter and the Whitechapel Society for their continued support and hard work. I still haven’t managed to make one of the Jack the Ripper walks. I even bought a ticket once and got as far as Charing Cross Road, but no further east….Now I must make the effort.

I recently found an unexpected West Midlands link – Catharine Eddowes (who was murdered along with Mary Kelly in the Double Event) was born and brought up in Wolverhampton. 

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