Escape from the city – Burston, Staffs

peaceful Burston

On Friday night (April 15) we headed to Burston for a bar meal at the Greyhound Inn. The pub was quietly busy, but certainly not packed. After leaving a busy Birmingham city centre the peaceful Staffordshire countryside was wonderful.  

Burston lies just off the busy A51 in the Trent Valley. The Manchester line runs closeby as does the canal, but it is so tranquil you’d probably not realise. After our meals – fantastic succulent steak au poivre and juicy cajun chicken followed by chocolate fudge cake and treacle pud – we went for a walk.
Apart from the hum of occasional traffic the night was still and calm. It’s been unseasonably warm for April. There’s something about a warm summer’s evening walking among the hedgerows that instils a sense of freedom and promise. Perhaps, sadly, it’s the novelty value as so many of us spend our lives in air-conditioned offices. 
The meal was great value and the staff were helpful and friendly. We’ve been before and will certainly return. Staffordshire is often overlooked – enigmatic Stuart Maconie calls it – but it’s my home county and I’m proud of its beauty and secrets. People often choose to travel unnecessarily, especially when there is so much beauty and so many stories on the doorstep. Don’t take it for granted. Get out and see for yourself….

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