Shortlisted in Daily Telegraph/Oxfam travel-writing competition

Brela, Croatia

Great news. One of my travel pieces – Drawing Bugs Bunny in the Balkans – has been shortlisted in the Daily Telegraph/Oxfam Ox-Travels travel-writing competition. You can view it in full on the Daily Telegraph website here (second story).

The competition was set up as part of the publicity drive for Oxfam’s brilliant Ox-Travel’s collection of travel writing. Many of the best travel writers have contributed, with pieces from Michael Palin, John Julius Norwich and Ruth Padel among others. My particular favourite was Chris Stewart’s amusing Spanish search for a cure for an unfortunate rash ‘down below’ !

Congratulations to Val Nolan whose excellent winning piece The Bear’s Necessities was published in today’s Telegraph newspaper. I can picture the Hanna-Barbera style ranger!

I really enjoyed writing Bugs Bunny in the Balkans as it took me back to holidays in the former Yugoslavia as a young boy. I have so many vivid memories of great holidays there – fish picnics, glassy seas, lavender swishing in the breeze……

It was a treat to write it and transported me for several hours from the daily grind of commuting to the wooded slopes of the Biokovo Mountains. Croatia, as it now is, is a beautiful country with warm, friendly people. I long to return and will…..


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