Shiver me timbers…….

Jolly Rog

Shiver me timbers

Always in search of new worlds to explore as a part time travel writer……I’m preparing to set sail next week. All the essentials have been packed…..Cadbury’s minirolls, crisps, Mars Bars and Irn Bru.

And to ward off scurvy………Rowntree’s Fruit Gums. We set sail from Norbury Junction on the dawn tide and hope to make the pub for pie and chips by midday, as long as we don’t get stuck in the Doldrums (Woodseaves). Prepare to read all about my exploits on the SS Narrowboat sometime next week, shipmates.We have a Jolly Roger which will be on display to warn off real ale types and we are prepared to board vehicles – we will be on particular lookout for Spanish gold, although this seems unlikely on the Shropshire Union Canal.More likely to see the Old Gold of Wolverhampton Wanderers FC.So splice the mainbrace (whatever that is) and avast……. Photos and a writeup will follow. If the weather’s fine, can’t think of a better way to spend the day…… One thing we do very well (along with ale, engineering and tribal arguments) in the West Midlands is canals.


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