Spitting Feathers – travel story published in Writers’ Abroad

Writers Abroad anthology

One of my Dad’s favourite expressions was ‘spitting feathers.’ It meant his mouth was dry and he was desperate for a decent British cuppa.  He’s always had the British workmen’s unquenchable thirst for tea and this is no different abroad.

Combine this with a holiday in the former Yugoslavia (back in the 1980s), an irritating bore from back home and a tendency to ‘liberate’ lunch from the hotel buffet breakfast and I had my story – Spitting Feathers.

I was delighted when Writers’ Abroad opted to publish it in their Foreign Flavours anthology with a foreword from Alexander McCall Smith. I’ve written a lot about Yugoslavia and long to return to Croatia and Bosnia.

You can find out more about the book here.

And thanks to Zerzura for their kind review:

Eclectic and thought-provoking mix of stories and non-fiction articles. I particularly enjoyed the story ‘Spitting Feathers.’It made me laugh out loud. Any British expat who has ever longed for a ‘proper brew’ will identify with this one!


About richlakin

I'm married with two young boys and living in Staffordshire. If I'm not working you can find me day dreaming or holding high-brow literature in front of my face. Or eating Arctic Roll.
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