Lye Down With a Good Book….

Lye, joint shortest station name in the UK and keen readers

Lye, joint shortest station name in the UK and keen readers

A few weeks ago I went along to Lye Down With a Good Book readers’ group in the Black Country. The visit was organised by West Midlands Readers’ Network 

I’m delighted to have been commissioned by WMRN and Lye Down to write a story between now and September. I will return and read the story to the group and hopefully also at Birmingham Book Festival in November.

I was made to feel very welcome by the group and offered tea and lovely cake.  I will now begin work on  a story set in the Black Country with a few pointers….

It should be:

Modern, full of suspense, perhaps dark, very much rooted in the Black Country, may involve a strange arrival or intruder….

There were many other pointers or ideas and I’m looking forward to doing a bit of research before getting started. Thanks to Roz Goddard of WMRN and the warm welcome from Lye Down..

I’ve just been featured as a writer on the WMRN website and I’m in good company with fellow Room 204 writer Fiona Joseph (author of Beatrice); Dave Reeves and David Calcutt.


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