Short stories in the waiting room – Stafford railway station

Track stories

Track stories

The main reason we write – not including therapy – is for our work to be read. So it’s great to place work in an environment where it has a chance of inviting comment.

I’m delighted Virgin Trains Stafford has put up two of my short stories in their waiting room at Stafford station (pictured via Twitter here). The internet is a great way of getting work out there, but I think we often tend to overlook some other more obvious routes.

Perhaps we’re too dependent on the internet. Virgin Trains Stafford put out a call recently for photographs, writing, illustrations and I thought it would be a great opportunity. Stafford station has hundreds of thousands of rail travellers passing through each year (I’m one of them) and particularly on cold days they provide an audience.

A few years back I organised a competition for artists and designers. The response was great because they had the opportunity to put their work on show at Birmingham railway stations. Those selected were seen by hundreds of thousands of people.

So thanks to Virgin Trains Stafford. One of my stories is about the nearby Shropshire Union Canal and was published in the Daily Telegraph. It can be read online here.

The other is, as yet, unpublished, but was shortlisted in Foyles’ 2012 short story competition, Still. You can read it if you’re passing through.

Please let me know what you think at @Lakinwords


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