Exit Stage Fright – part 2

Liverpool comic Sam Avery

Liverpool comic Sam Avery

Completing the brief round-up of my dalliance with stand-up…..


Jan 23 – Leicester – round two

I enjoyed this one. Can you over-rehearse? Yes. And probably repeating a five-minute set from Cumbria to the east Midlands is a good definition of that. Roadkill and AA telephones don’t make a great audience either. I didn’t get through to the next round, but I was respectably mid-table. Perhaps I was relieved I’d be spared the M6 again.

Feb 27 – Brickyard, Carlisle – Rob Riley/Dave Dynamite

Not the biggest but possibly the scariest venue to date. I could see the audience and the place felt huge. I wasn’t good. Invisible wires pulled at my ankles, nudging me off stage…..or maybe it was the compere.

Mar 27 – Dragon, Liverpool – Sam Avery

Great fun again and I’m glad to see Sam is still gigging and doing well. He was very supportive and clearly had talent.

Apr 26 – Edinburgh

I liked this gig. It was downstairs and felt like preaching in a crypt. The audience was small but it was fun.

May 8 – Newcastle 

Newcastle was better this time, but I struggled. Not great prep for the Frog and Bucket.

June 20 – Manchester

Too much for me, this one. They’re friendly and welcoming at the Frog and Bucket, but it didn’t matter. Fatherhood, M6 journeys, paying for two homes, a recent bereavement….it was all catching up. Perhaps I should’ve had a breakdown on stage. It would’ve been funnier. Very quiet, very poor – me, not the club. Shame to finish like this but I never consciously made a decision to do so. Good memories. Busy times and a love of writing took over.




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2 Responses to Exit Stage Fright – part 2

  1. beetleypete says:

    At least you gave it a try Rich, more than most of us would do. Nice memories of a challenging time in your life.
    Regards from Norfolk. Pete.

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