‘Tracks and Albums’ published in Londonist

There is a London they don't see

There is a London they don’t see

Great to see my short story ‘Tracks and Albums’ has been published by the website Londonist.

I’m a regular visitor to Londonist as it’s full of interesting and quirky features such as forgotten rivers and Tube stations, so when I saw they were looking for short stories I wrote a piece and sent it off within days.

Many years ago I worked on the London Underground and have since worked on the rail network up and down the country so it’s a theme I’ve returned to time and again.

Bad things sometimes happen, but lessons can be learned and passed on. The shock tactics at work in the story are controversial and the actions of an individual, fictional officer. Are they necessary and the right way of averting further pain?

Thanks to them for carrying it and supporting writers with this great platform. If you have a piece influenced by or featuring London in any way send it in…..(details are on the website).


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2 Responses to ‘Tracks and Albums’ published in Londonist

  1. beetleypete says:

    They always say; ‘write what you know about’, and in this case it paid off Rich. Nice story, rings true, and from experience. Well done on getting published too. Always a welcome bonus. Regards from Norfolk, Pete.

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