Night Turns – a short story

Never-ending night turn

Never-ending night turn

I’ve recently joined IdeasTap and it’s well worth a look. There are many opportunities for sharing activity including writing short stories, photography, scripts, artwork and much more…

My first submission was for a Brief called Boredom. I decided to write about two policemen from very different backgrounds (who hate each other) stuck together on a never-ending night shift.

I’m delighted to say I learned last night it had been short-listed.

It’s called Night Turn. If you wish you can read it here…..

There are many Briefs and Opportunities available and these can be viewed here.


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4 Responses to Night Turns – a short story

  1. beetleypete says:

    Clicked the link and read it Rich, very enjoyable. Took me back to all those shifts sitting in the ambulances, except I was probably the boring old hand!
    Well done for getting it published. Regards, Pete.

    • richlakin says:

      Thanks Pete. I’m sure you weren’t like that! I’ve spent plenty of shifts with similar folk though. One guy who read Westerns at the rate of three a week from the library…..

  2. helenmoat says:

    Hi Rich
    Love your writing. Would you be interested in writing a Flash Fiction for my website? I choose a title (from the Peak District OS map), write a Flash Fiction from the title and invite a guest to write a Flash Fiction (max 300 words) on the same title. I also do an interview with my guest writer about their piece/writing life. The blog is found here:

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