Night Turns – a short story

Never-ending night turn

Never-ending night turn

I’ve recently joined IdeasTap and it’s well worth a look. There are many opportunities for sharing activity including writing short stories, photography, scripts, artwork and much more…

My first submission was for a Brief called Boredom. I decided to write about two policemen from very different backgrounds (who hate each other) stuck together on a never-ending night shift.

I’m delighted to say I learned last night it had been short-listed.

It’s called Night Turn. If you wish you can read it here…..

There are many Briefs and Opportunities available and these can be viewed here.


About richlakin

I'm married with two young boys and living in Staffordshire. If I'm not working you can find me day dreaming or holding high-brow literature in front of my face. Or eating Arctic Roll.
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4 Responses to Night Turns – a short story

  1. beetleypete says:

    Clicked the link and read it Rich, very enjoyable. Took me back to all those shifts sitting in the ambulances, except I was probably the boring old hand!
    Well done for getting it published. Regards, Pete.

    • richlakin says:

      Thanks Pete. I’m sure you weren’t like that! I’ve spent plenty of shifts with similar folk though. One guy who read Westerns at the rate of three a week from the library…..

  2. helenmoat says:

    Hi Rich
    Love your writing. Would you be interested in writing a Flash Fiction for my website? I choose a title (from the Peak District OS map), write a Flash Fiction from the title and invite a guest to write a Flash Fiction (max 300 words) on the same title. I also do an interview with my guest writer about their piece/writing life. The blog is found here:

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