War chests and contract rebels

Want-away striker? Leon Clarke

Want-away striker? Leon Clarke

As the transfer window slams shut – and this blog (like a fat, wheezy boy with a note from matron) rarely considers sport – a look at newspaper jargon seems timely.

The transfer window, of course, opened on New Year’s Day. It slams shut on Friday (January 31) with plenty of surprises and opportunities for cliches along the way. It has to slam shut. That’s accepted.

We’ve heard tales of want-away (hyphenated or not, difficult to say) strikers and midfielders, with Wolves goalkeeper Wayne Hennessey getting into the spirit of pantomime season early in the New Year as the Old Gold and Black contract rebel.

Anyone wanting to tempt players away will need to ensure they have a transfer war chest (clubs with financial constraints may only have a transfer kitty) available.

If a manager decides to buy he must swoop for a player because nothing else will do. Players put pen to paper or ink their signatures. Those that are frequently mentioned are much-travelled and usually strikers. They may even be branded a panic buy.

If players want to move on, but no one is listening, they may have to issue a come and get me plea. 


A fee has been agreed for Leon Clarke.

I’m annoyed  I forgot to mention the presence of talismanic players. These, more often than not, become lauded as a club’s marquee signing.

@Cameronesi has added the term journeyman striker and it’s also worth remembering that if you’re buying a striker you need to ensure he knows where the goal is…

If I’ve missed any others (strictly transfer window related) please let me know…



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2 Responses to War chests and contract rebels

  1. beetleypete says:

    Well observed Rich, and one more reason why I no longer have any interest in Football. (Or most other sports, to be accurate)
    Regards from Norfolk, Pete.

    • richlakin says:

      I drifted Pete and try and watch boxing when I can but the boys have got me hooked again. Never a dull moment with a Stoke and a Wolves fan sharing a breakfast table, though….

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