Flash Fiction at Double Espresso blog

A few weeks back Helen Moat kindly asked if I’d like to write a piece of Flash Fiction for her website Double Espresso. 

Helen has won a number of accolades for her travel writing so I was delighted to be asked and given the intriguing title ‘Rough’s Street’ and 300 words to conjure something up.

My piece of flash fiction can be found here.

Helen also set me a number of interview questions which got me thinking and posted the answers here.

I’m grateful to Helen – her twitter feed is @HMoat and her website, packed with great travel stories and links, can be found here. 

I particularly enjoyed reading Helen’s piece on ‘The Lost Villages of East Anglia‘ having recently read Jim Kelly’s crime fiction set in the same wetland landscape.


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8 Responses to Flash Fiction at Double Espresso blog

  1. beetleypete says:

    Good stuff Rich. I have read the guest piece, and the interview, and commented accordingly. I also read the article about the coast of East Anglia, something close to my heart (and not far from my house!) since I moved to Norfolk, in 2012.
    Regards as always, Pete.

  2. helenmoat says:

    Thanks again, Richard for doing the flash fiction and the interview. It was good fun.
    Pete, you live in a fascination part of the country.

  3. helenmoat says:

    Should read ‘fascinating! Yes, big skies, big spaces in East Anglia!

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