Tree Hugging – a short story

What became of them?

What became of them?

I wrote about my first response to IdeasTap’s Briefs and Opportunities a few weeks back and I’m now adding my second.

The Brief is a short story (or other work) on the theme of ‘Love.’

I’ve written in the past about names carved in trees, but never really tackled it in detail. I wrote about names in trees in Epping Forest for a travelogue in 2010 and have also written about names in trees on Cannock Chase and the lane to Shaky Bridges near Stafford.

Some of the names and declarations of love (similarly to ones in the stone at various castles) date back many decades.

It is tempting to wonder what became of those people.

So my submission to IdeasTap can be read here. It’s called Tree Hugging and the photo above accompanies it…..


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2 Responses to Tree Hugging – a short story

  1. beetleypete says:

    Went over and read the story Rich. Nice piece, felt as if it could be the opening chapter to a novel (?)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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