Forgotten stones – Creswell Chapel

East wall of Creswell chapel

East wall of Creswell chapel

I’ve often driven past these ruins and wondered about them. I’ve been out before but didn’t have a camera to hand.

A family friend who lived here said they were ancient and there had once been a village nearby but the plague had visited.

Wiki tells a little more, but not much here.

There’s no plaque, no story, nothing.

It’s a great spot just off a public footpath on the Stafford to Eccleshall Road. The chapel ruins lie on raised ground in the river valley where the Sow meanders down from the north.

The M6 – one of the busiest stretches of motorway in Europe – is just a few hundred metres away and the four-track West Coast mainline, but inside these thick walls you could be back in 1200.

Perhaps it’s good these ruins are forgotten, overlooked. Touch the walls, feel the stones. You can make up your own story. Beware of strangers bringing the plague….

North wall of the chapel

North wall of the chapel




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6 Responses to Forgotten stones – Creswell Chapel

  1. Love fallen buildings and ruins like this, that arent huge tourist attractions… theres something interesting about them, and your imagination can just make up its own stories… England holds so many of these, and its so fun exploring them. A Wandering Memory

  2. beetleypete says:

    Nice to see you back on the blog Rich, and with the evocative mystery of these Staffordshire stones. Worth a short story?
    Best wishes from Norfolk. Pete.

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