Burntisland in lockdown

It seemed as if so much was closed but businesses were trying hard to welcome customers in Burntisland.

We’ve stayed in nearby Kinghorn and walked across the sands, alongside the Edinburgh-Dundee railway line, to Burntisland many times.

On a hot summer’s day, with the church bell tolling, and the waters of the Forth a calm, silvery millpond, and the green wooded slopes behind, the town is beautiful.

It still has charm when the weather’s not so good and we endured a week of rain (August 22) that was unusual even for a Scottish summer.

The rain slanted in so hard that mobile homes and caravans were washed from hillsides and schools and hospital car parks flooded.

Burntisland has a great ice-cream parlour but we wanted to sit in and it was counter service only and so we were welcomed by The Fix – a coffee shop that had just reopened. The lemon drizzle cake was delicious and the staff friendly and helpful. It must be so hard operating under these restrictions.

When it cleared we strolled across the links. Out in the bay the island of Inchkeith disappeared as the rain came in. We dashed for a culvert beneath the railway line for shelter. A year before we’d visited the fair or ‘shows’ as they’re called locally. It was scorching hot and we stood in a long line for ice creams and Irn Bru. You could’ve walked up to the same kiosk for coffee today and got instant service.

These are strange times but people are working harder than ever to find a way. Kindness and encouragement is so important.

Shop doorway in the high street
The bay looking north towards Kinghorn before the rains came
Windows in the wall, Burntisland

As noted in a previous post it was a tough week for us. It has been a hard year for many. We pray for better times but take comfort in what we have and learn we should never take it for granted.

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