Sherbrook Valley

This morning we walked from the glacial boulder near Brocton down into Sherbrook valley. Ice lingered wafer-thin in puddles and the dog left plumes of white breath in the air as he scampered up gravel banks.

Sherbrook valley

This shot was taken at the second set of stepping stones, further up the valley from the better known ones. Sadly this set seems to have been moved. It is shallow here, sandy and pebbly before the brook meanders through silver birch and drenched clods of turf.

It’s a beautiful spot. Sometimes if you are lucky it is yours for ten or fifteen minutes. Or a mountain biker may rush through the shallows or a horse clop through…..this morning for a few moments the water was almost perfectly still, just a thread of silt spilling into where it had widened and pooled and a wisp of vapour clinging to the surface.

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