Writing again….

A selection of my many notebooks

I know from the pieces I read online that many people are struggling to read, let alone write.

After a difficult few years when a major project stalled I flitted between poems, non fiction, short stories and trying to write another novel.

It’s been a tough time and lockdown and other issues have added to it. However I have learned a few things along the way…

1) The Stoics make great reading in touch times. Seneca, Epictetus and Marcus Aurelius have plenty of sound advice and it really helps. It’s not for everyone but the discipline pays off. Imagine a wise older relative who is always right…..that’s them.

2) Read anything. With a diminishing attention span I’ve been reading sport magazines, poetry, journalism. Try to discover someone new. I can’t believe I’d never read Charles Causley’s poem Timothy Winters. Wow. What a poem. Read it and see for yourself.

3) As for writing…..I’m not going to say much except I’m enjoying it again and doing a little each day. I’m superstitious and I believe that talking about projects while you’re working on them can let some of the magic escape. So the lid stays on for now and hopefully my enjoyment is retained along with all those words on the laptop.

4) I’ve some work out there, submitted or in competitions, so just maybe….

I hope you’re enjoying your reading and whatever you’re creating and if you’ve discovered something that made you say Wow! please share it.

Looking out……

2 thoughts on “Writing again….

  1. Other than blog posts and short online articles, I am still unable to concentrate on reading long enough to enjoy a book. I sat thinking about that over the weekend, and wondered if I might never read a novel again. I also wondered if it had less to do with Covid issues, and more about me being at a time in my life.
    I have no problem writing at the moment, so I have to hope that doesn’t go the same way as the reading.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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