Shopping for vinyl

Had a few bargains in the town charity shops and record shop.

The Associates

In Oxfam I picked up The Associates’ Sulk album. I’ve always been a huge fan of Billy Mackenzie’s voice.

The Teardrop Explodes’ Kilimanjaro

As it was Staffordshire Day yesterday it was appropriate I picked an album by one of my home county’s famous sons Julian Cope. I love this album and was delighted to find it had just come in to Double Double Good Music Emporium.


Finally I always enjoyed this album and I’m old enough to have bought it first time round on tape.

What is interesting is to see the vogue for vinyl means CDs are suddenly being thrown out. There are piles of them at 99p each or even 2 or 3 for a pound. I love the sound and feel of vinyl and the space and love given over to the art and photography. But there’s a real opportunity to pick up CD bargains and I will not throw mine out however chipped and scratched Everything Must Go or Who Killed the Zutons? get.

5 thoughts on “Shopping for vinyl

  1. I liked Billy’s voice too. He died at just 40, very sad. I have the original TTD almbums in a box in the loft somewhere, along with around 100 or so other vinyl albums and two boxes full of 45 rpm singles. I don’t really have a spot for a record player in the house now though, so still only play music on CD. I bought Julie a Roxi system, and that’s a nice way to listen too. So far, they have had every song we ever asked for, from 1930s jazz, to the latest pop tunes.
    Cheers, Pete.

  2. Vinyl all the way here, Phil is picking up some amazing bargains on our market stalls! Also have you tried for 2nd hand vinyl. it’s a good place to find stuff.

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