I’m a sprinter!

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I enjoy doing creatively and where I might reach an audience.

Sitting in our beautiful (holiday let) cottage in North Yorkshire last week I stumbled across this piece by Barnsley poet Ian McMillan.

It instantly chimed with me and I mentioned to Ian on Twitter and he was kind enough to respond.

Yes, I’m a sprinter too. Not in the 100m sense (I’m built for comfort rather than speed) but in the sense that I prefer to be inspired and write a piece or poem I can execute in a day or a week, or a few hours even.

It doesn’t mean I’ll not attempt a novel again but as per the points above, plus the endless waiting, rejection and more waiting….well I don’t need it.

There’s a great documentary about Larkin where he says you can pick up and put down a poem after a long day at work. Tinker a bit….whereas novels…

I’ve had far more success with non fiction so it’ll perhaps be that path too. But yeah I’m too easily distracted and like the fast and fluid idea. I’m a sprinter.

Endless notes

3 thoughts on “I’m a sprinter!

  1. One reason why I haven’t written a novel, despite years of posting daily serials and short stories. A serial episode feels like a short story, albeit written every day. Facing the prospect of a 300-page novel feels daunting to me. Then there is the editing, formatting, and eventual marketing.
    At the moment, I am happy to stick with something I can write and post in a matter of hours.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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