Beyond – Do you Believe?

This is a poem about a medium. Do you believe people receive messages from the other side? Is it harmful or is it part of recovering from grief?

A few lines by atmospheric candlelight, courtesy of Wilko’s vanilla church candle range…..

10 thoughts on “Beyond – Do you Believe?

  1. My wife is a big believer in all things spiritual, and has visted many such mediums. She also collects crystals and angels, and thinks her dad comes to visit in the form of a Robin that pops up in the garden. If it makes her calm and content, I don’t mind. She has never had to get a dead body out from under a train on the London tube of course.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Yes, I think we can receive coontact from the spirit world BUT I don’t believe in mediums or any of that sort of shenanigans. If a loved one wants to connect with you they sure ain’t going to mess about with that sort of thing when they can do it themselves.

    Now whether we here in the mortal existence can pick up on those messages – it helps if our minds are open to the possibility

  3. Very real to so many people, and who are we to take that away. I know a lady who has had multiple miscarriages/still births who sees her angel babies in all sorts of situations – birds in the garden, white feathers, particular aromas in the house, etc. However, exploitation is rife I fear.

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