Shaky Bridges – a sonnet

I’m delighted my sonnet, Shaky Bridges has been published by Staffordshire Libraries as part of the Staffordshire History Festival 2021.

It can be found here along with the other poems –

Or there’s a short clip of me reading it (and avoiding those curious cows) at Shaky Bridges on a beautiful September day.

We cool dusty feet in Millian Brook, and climb
A ridge of rabbit scrapes and toppled gates
To gaze upon Sow Valley as St Chad’s chimes
Names are carved in oak and beech. Woodlands dates
Bob hearts Bren. Tru Luv. Beneath us, rail tracks sing
And far off M6 windscreens shimmer code
Timeless here. Insects buzz, hover. Swifts take wing
We’ve left the tarmac for an ancient road
We’re followed, surrounded, by curious cows
We shoo them, then un-shoe to wiggle toes
In glistening shallows of the meandering Sow
At Shaky Bridges we forget our woes
Silvery minnows dart. We toss sticks. Make wishes
Upstream, the ghost of Izaak Walton fishes

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