I write poems from time to time and also capture memories of growing up in my series Fade to Gravy.

I’ve written about the importance of keeping notebooks elsewhere on this blog. I have a shelf full of them going back to 2006/7. It’s interesting to see many of my ideas recur, perhaps giving them weight. I also collect memories and anecdotes such as this. You never know when they may be useful.

I’m planning to write longer fiction again, perhaps a novel. This is inspired by a recent change in direction and fresh desire after a difficult time.

I’ve been reading happier fiction and it’s helped my mindset – always PG Wodehouse, but writers such as David Nobbs, John Mortimer and Rachel Joyce too.

Keeping notes and ideas is vital. Writing a novel is very hard to sustain. Ideas and sparks of imagination give it life and direction. Then there is only the easy bit of managing story, structure, development.

I wrote a story some years ago that was published in the Cheshire Prize for Literature. It’s a brief memory/experience but one I’ve always remembered.

You can read it here – https://richlakin.wordpress.com/2011/10/15/death-is-not-the-end/

I’ve also recorded a few thoughts. Perhaps it’ll find a place somewhere……

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