Games Kit Box – Fade to Gravy

The brave or foolish played Russian roulette in choosing to forget their games (sometimes called PE) kit. It was foolhardy and often meant the pain and humiliation of playing badminton in Y-fronts or joining in a game of Skins v Shirts at basketball.

If you ‘forgot’ your kit – genuinely, or in an attempt to avoid the lesson – you almost certainly ran the risk of the Games Kit Box. This meant choosing something to wear from the abandoned, fusty, torn and soiled items the school had gathered, probably since the time of the Suez Crisis. All the world’s ills were contained here: satin shorts with perished gussets, yolky armpit-stained rugby shirts and jogging bottoms big enough for a rhino to wear. Enter this box at your peril…..

Kit Box of Doom

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