Forte’s 35 ice-creams, Llandudno

Llandudno pier

We were up in North Wales a few weeks ago and couldn’t resist one of Forte’s fantastic ice-creams. The cafe/restaurant is just a few minutes from the seafront and always popular.

Llandudno is a clever resort and knows what it’s about. It didn’t go down the route other resorts chose to attract visitors (ridding itself of its past) and this has paid off with the resurgence of holidays in Britain and daytrippers.

It harks back to that heyday (that’s never really gone away entirely) of windbreaks, flasks of tea, ice creams and lettered rock and sand sandwiches. Llandudno has blended the new though. Knotted hankies have been replaced by baseball caps and crocs and few men wear tie and trilby, but there is still a wonderful pier, a celebrated Punch n Judy and buses plucked from Heartbeat to do tours of the coast and Great Orme.

Forte’s entrance

Forte’s was here in the heyday of bucket and spade breaks and celebrates this with terrific black and white images of charabancs and excited kids. And proud Italo-Welsh ice cream makers. And the wonderful designs seen below.

Past and present

My Nan used to come here and we have pictures of her at the beach in peppermint and powder blue dresses. Another shows My granddad and male relations, suited and booted, cigarette lighters and cases clutched in readiness. Gangsters on the last train out of Crewe. I must dig them out.

Anyone for ice-cream?

For more photos and the Forte’s story click here

There are 35 flavours….Turkish Delight and bubblegum among them!

Toffee fudge, if you’re asking….

6 thoughts on “Forte’s 35 ice-creams, Llandudno

  1. I love to see seaside resorts that retain the faded elegance of past glory and do not pander to ‘modern tastes’. That is why we keep going back to Sutton-on-Sea in Lincolnshire, which has hardly changed since the end of WW2.
    (I only really like pistachio flavour ice cream. If they don’t have that flavour, I normally don’t bother.)
    Cheers, Pete.

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