The Pink – sports results pre-internet

In those distant days, long before social media and the internet had been thought of, sports fans had to rely on results arriving in ink that was printed on pink, or sometimes green, paper.

The newspapers providing these results had to rely on phones and shorthand notebooks and brilliant sub-editors.

I’d often be sent to fetch The Pink, or Sporting Star, from the newsagents. It was a marvel of skill and timing that was somehow on the shelves at newsagents just minutes after games had ended. All the results were included, as well as league tables. While my Dad tucked into steak and chips he could see how Wolves goal difference might help them, or how Neath got on in the rugby or what won the 2:30 at Uttoxeter.

I got some sweets for fetching it. Some twenty years after fetching the paper I found myself writing for it. I had a boxing column and provided some non-league football too. Of course no one would wait for it now and its days were numbered. It simply couldn’t compete with updates via a phone.

But I have fond memories of eating fizzy cola cubes while sitting on the railings outside our Stars newsagents learning how many points Stoke needed to catch Albion.

7 thoughts on “The Pink – sports results pre-internet

  1. My dad never read sports papers, but we used to sit and listen to the football results on the radio. As soon as it started, one of us would say “East Fife Five, Forfar Four”. That joke never got old.
    Cheers, Pete.

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