Peace. Tranquility. First draft.

I haven’t posted as much recently as a result of writing around 73,000 words in just under 4 weeks. I almost have a first draft but, funnily enough, no title.

So I’ve written around 3,000 words per day but can’t decide on 5 or 6 for a title. A new work project begins shortly so I wanted to push myself and take this opportunity. I don’t usually write so fast but have found ‘outrunning’ the story fun, if exhausting.

I’ve been to North Wales recently (more of that soon) but Cannock Chase last Friday was a delight. We sat and drank tea and listened to the stream and the birdlife. Pics of the special place are below. It’s lush and beautiful now but was once a training camp for many Commonwealth troops preparing for the trenches of the Great War.

I hope that – despite the problems you may have to deal with – you are also enjoying some peace and tranquility.

I saw pebbles instead of words….

11 thoughts on “Peace. Tranquility. First draft.

    1. It’s taken me 3 to 6 months first draft in the past but I’m waiting to start a new work contract so hit it full time….it’s about a woman whose parents die in a violent robbery when she’s a child. She decides to seek revenge after bumping into one of the offenders in a chance meeting years later (they’ve all changed names/relocated)

      1. Sounds cool! I’ll give you a working title- A Dish Served Cold. ( as in Revenge is a dish best served cold) At least it’s a start 🙂

  1. Titles and cover art are both important. But I will buy a copy of your book whatever the title, and even with a plain cover. 🙂
    (By the way, it sounds like it could be a great drama serial on TV, or a film. Get those rights secured! )
    Best wishes, Pete.

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