Can you help me choose the cover?

If you have a few seconds free, I’d really appreciate your opinion…..

I’ve written a book which, subject to any late changes, I’m going to self publish in the coming weeks.

It’s a suspense/thriller novel of around 95,000 words called ‘I Know She’s Out There.’

I’m preparing the cover and tidying/editing the text at the moment.

To assist I’ve included the elevator pitch below:

After her release from psychiatric care Chrissy Clews is quietly rebuilding her life working at a motorway service station when her former teacher walks in and tries to discreetly buy a porn magazine. He doesn’t recognise her, but when he drops his wallet she hides it and can’t resist looking inside. She’s shocked to find a tatty passport photo of Laura Duggan, a school friend who went missing 30 years ago and was never seen again. She decides to investigate…

I’ve taken some images and mocked up covers. Obviously, I’m an amateur at this kind of thing (very much Sunday pub league), but please let me know if you have a preferred option, or indeed, if another approach is required.

When I publish I’d be delighted if anyone wishes to have a copy to review.

Thanks for your time.

55 thoughts on “Can you help me choose the cover?

  1. Reblogged this on beetleypete and commented:
    Please help Rich Lakin choose the cover for his forthcoming novel. It will only take a few seconds, and you can vote for your choice in the comments on HIS blog.
    Many thanks, Pete.

  2. Yes I like the one with the poppies too. I’ve had a thought though – if the girl went missing 30 years ago, would her school tie still be on the tree? Just sayin’ …

  3. Visually, I like the poppies too, but for your purpose I like the first with its knots and loops suggesting…complications, foul play? Black and white maybe suggests time past? Perhaps I am over thinking. The one with the path works for me too. Somehow I think this won’t help! Best of luck and I would love to read the story. Cheers.

  4. Rich, there are a couple of suggestions in the comments on my post, despite me asking people to post them here. You might have to check out my reblog too.
    Cheers, Pete.

  5. I would choose the black and white one since it evokes the passage of time. She had been missing 30 years. Personally I find the poppy distracting, taking my eye away from the title. The first one is my second choice.

  6. I like the one with the poppies best. It’s more mysterious, arty and threatening than the others. I’m not keen on the font and how the text is arranged. I would suggest exploring other fonts and spacings.

  7. Hi Rich. My preference is #3: I like the composition with the background, and the balance of the text size; also, the fact that the tie is just casually/carelessly hanging off the bush, rather than still in a loop. I would be interested in reviewing it, when available: Cheers, Jon.

  8. I would highly recommend NOT using a photo as it really says “this is self-published”. Check out the great templates on Canva and stick with simple colours and figures with a strong focus on the title.

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