Novel Launch – She’s Out There Somewhere

My novel ‘She’s Out There Somewhere’ is launched on Kindle today.

You can view it here.

Thanks to everyone who helped with viewpoints about the cover. I received a lot of feedback on wordpress, Twitter, and good old-fashioned word of mouth.

The vote was quite tight, but came out as a tie between the black and white photo cover of the gatepost, or (following advice and discussion) development of a template. After careful consideration I opted for a template and this is the result below. I think it has the air of a thriller and hope the design gives the impression of a missing body/person and broken or failed communication.

The story outline/tease is here:

A chance discovery leads to Chrissy Clews investigating the disappearance of schoolfriend Laura, who went missing thirty years ago. The case was shrouded in secrecy with rumours about the involvement of a group of local men, and even Chrissy herself, in Laura’s disappearance.

After her release from care Chrissy is quietly rebuilding her life working at a motorway service station when her former teacher walks in and tries to discreetly buy a porn magazine. He doesn’t recognise her, but when he drops his wallet she hides it and can’t resist looking inside. She’s shocked to find a tatty passport photo of Laura Duggan, a school friend who went missing 30 years ago and was never seen again.
Chrissy decides to investigate but, with a troubled past and history of violence, how will she find Laura and get at the truth of what happened? Laura was a friend of Chrissy’s, but they fell out. Is it possible she had involvement in Laura’s disappearance? If she can find out the truth will anyone believe her?

I am sorting out a few review copies as requested, so please bear with me (also as I sort teething issues and Amazon profile etc.)

Once again, thanks for all your support and interest and comments.

14 thoughts on “Novel Launch – She’s Out There Somewhere

  1. Just bought a copy on Kindle, though no idea when I will be able to read it!
    Good luck with it, Rich. I will do a promo feature on the book now and send you the link.
    Cheers, Pete.

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