The Dingle/Nant Y Pandy, Llangefni

I’m posting this one tonight before it (hopefully) cools down. Last Thursday we visited the Dingle (properly Nant Y Pandy in Welsh) which is a nature reserve close to Llangefni on Anglesey.

Although near the coast – we didn’t reach the temperatures experienced in the midlands and south east – it was very hot and reached 27 degrees.

The Dingle is a favourite spot of presenter and wildlife expert Iolo Williams. I’m delighted to say we saw two red squirrels here in the first 10 minutes. There are hundreds of reds on Anglesey and they’ve spread to the mainland (I imagine them sneaking into coaches and campervans to cross the Menai Straits). I’d love to see them again in Staffordshire soon. As the Dingle reserve features the river Cefni and pools and an old mill race, as well as disused rail line, it’s brimming with wildlife.

We’d spent lots of time on the beach, but with so much tree cover and the Cefni running by it was blissful in the Dingle. It may seem obvious but we simply must plant more trees and on a huge scale. Anyway these are the pics. Sadly the squirrels wouldn’t pose.

St Cyngar’s Church
Cool by the Cefni
Disused rail
Rail over river
Yes we made a wish
Cool water
End of the line

The Dingle is popular with locals but definitely worth a visit for those holidaying here. What a beautiful place.

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