Lost in Comics

Tidying up I found a few of my old annuals. Victor and Dandy and even a Rupert Bear. It seems comics are still loved as they exchange hands for decent prices and charity shops find space for them. My local Oxfam has a good selection of Beezer, Topper and Whizzer and Chips among others.

It was a great feeling picking up a comic on a Saturday morning, perhaps with a mix-up bag of sweets and getting lost in those stories. Victor was always a favourite, but so was the Dandy and Beano and aforementioned Whizzer. I think we lose that feeling of immersion as we get older. We perhaps have so many distractions we are never completely lost in what we are doing again. If you can create it – whether it’s reading, golf, oil painting or karate – it’s a wonderful feeling.

Anyway, here are a few line on being lost in comics. Which comics were you lost in?

Lost in Comics
Rupert in Nutwood
A later edition for boys who didn’t grow up