Fade to Gravy – via Youtube

I’ve been writing and sharing a number of pieces about growing up in the 1980s over the years. Some are notes, some are poems. There’s even the occasional sketch or monologue.

I’ve shared plenty on YouTube but I’m now hoping to get a little bit more organised and group these notes and memoirs about swimming lessons, sports days, microwave food and mullets under the Fade to Gravy banner.

Intro to Fade to Gravy

I don’t want these pieces to be purely nostalgia (‘do you remember?’ pieces). I hope they throw new light on things often forgotten or overlooked and recount stories and experiences that are relatable. I hope they also show how things change for the better too. It’ll be a bridge between fiction and memories recounted.

Not all the material on the site (and certainly on here) will be 80s memoirs. I’ll also continue to publish poems, notes, short stories, travel and random warblings too. I’ll be trying out a few of my shorter stories, particularly on themes such as grief, joy, escapism to see how they’re received. Please feel free to comment and share and thanks for your support and stopping by….


Oh for a voice and delivery like Dylan’s 😃

Apple Tree

We had an apple tree in our garden. Despite endless bone-meal, compost, comforting chats, sunlight and water, it produced no apples.

Even the offering of a dead mouse in a shoebox did nothing to appease the fruit gods.

A few thoughts about this as part of my ongoing ‘Fade to Gravy’ – memories of growing up in the 1980s.