Brum is Buzzing – (at the boxing)

I’m a big boxing fan (wasn’t much use as a fighter myself but it sure makes you appreciate others’ talent and courage) so when the Commonwealth Games tickets opened for sale over a year ago I applied. The standard of boxing at the Commonwealth Games is excellent and as they were coming to Birmingham I had to be there.

I went on Thursday with my two boys and had a fantastic time. We paid around £55 for two adults and a child and saw four hours of competitive action. Our train tickets in the West Midlands area were also included. The quality of the bouts was excellent with all keenly contested. World lightweight champ Josh Taylor (from Edinburgh) came along to show his support. There were some impressive performances from England heavy Lewis Williams and Welsh welter Ioan Croft among others. The atmosphere was terrific and there has been a real buzz in Brum. For readers outside of the UK Birmingham is the UK’s second city with a population of just over a million and it’s often called Brum.


Birmingham is often talked down and many who criticise haven’t even visited or certainly not bothered to explore. Brummies are often friendly and down to earth and perhaps it’s that relaxed attitude that means they can miss out when it comes to profile and attention. Birmingham is often the bridesmaid. But this time it’s landed the Games and surprised people. It’s a fascinating multicultural city and I’m delighted to see it enjoying a rare moment in the limelight.

Should I stay or…..

You may have seen the opening ceremony and the amazing symbolic bull. Incredibly there were no plans for the bull after the Games but campaigns are underway to seize on the momentum and secure the bull’s future. Birmingham has been so busy and it was a pleasure to attend these Games. The volunteers worked so hard as ambassadors for the city. So a big thank you to everyone involved and I hope, as a Midlander, Brum builds on this…..

Lewis Williams in action
Entering the house of pain
More action
Josh Taylor at ringside

4 thoughts on “Brum is Buzzing – (at the boxing)

  1. That was really great value for three of you, including the train tickets. Good to see Birmingham getting some much-needed attention, even though the sport on TV bores me senseless. Not a city I liked that much when I visited a few times, but the Chinatown area has excellent restaurants.
    Cheers, Pete.

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